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Direct Primary Care Membership

Membership Benefits

Wildflower offers several different pricing options including a membership option. As a member, you can benefit from same-day appointments, telemedicine, and provider access through this small monthly membership fee. Many items are included in this membership, as well as discounts on lab services, imaging, etc.

Included in Membership

  • Direct access by phone, secure text & telemedicine

  • Same-day or next-day appointments

  • Extended visits times

  • After-hours visits (subject to availability)

  • Integrated preventive healthcare


Wildflower Membership Rates

A one-time, non-refundable $50 enrollment fee will be charged to each new billing account

Ages 13-24     $50 a month

Ages 25-39    $60 a month

Ages 40-64     $75 a month

65+     We accept Medicare and will bill medicare at this time for service due to contractual agreements. $100 a month for non-Medicare patients.

Small businesses / Employers     $60 a month (minimum enrollment of 3 members)

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